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Below are testimonials from a selection of Mr. Feldheim's clients.

Client Testimonials

Timothy Durkin, III

"David brings to the table in full measure every attribute necessary for superlative legal representation. I'm always thrilled he's on "MY SIDE."

- Timothy Durkin, III
Managing Director, Ches-Mont Valley Ventures, Inc.

(Real Estate Venture Partnership)

Glenn D. Porter, Managing Director, DolphinNextgen, LLC.

"I am very happy with David Feldheim. He has been my attorney for three years. The relationship between a client and his attorney has to be one of trust. David provides intelligent and Socratic advice on the issues which I face on a day to day basis. Additionally, in a world starved for integrity, David can be relied on to be a good steward on tough issues. His service is of value; his wisdom and good counsel are important for my business."

- Glenn D. Porter, Managing Director, DolphinNextgen, LLC.

(Consulting company dedicated to providing investment-banking services, including
financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions and private equity funding)

Scott R. Eckenrode, Software Entrepreneur

"If someone asked me for a referral for an attorney, particularly in the area of software and business law, I would immediately tell them what I'm about to tell you below but it occurred to me that I've never really told you, though most of this you have probably inferred over the years. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that you have other clients like me who first started with you on the other side of a deal and felt so good about the experience that they wanted you in their corner the next time around. I did, and we've worked together for many years since then. In software contract and business negotiations it's important to me that all parties feel good about the process since it is just the beginning of a long term relationship. You have that rare ability to balance protecting our interests, treating our clients fairly and honestly, and most importantly, getting the deal done. Equally important to me is that while I'm certainly not a large client of yours, you've never made me feel that way. I like that you've invested the time in getting to know me through the years. Your advice and counsel is always spot-on and well tailored to my needs and my personality.
That personal service, attention to detail, knowledge of the industry and your honesty make it no happenstance that we've been working together for all of these years and will continue to do so for many more to come."

- Scott R. Eckenrode, Software Entrepreneur

(Former Principal of Funds Associates Ltd.);

(Former Senior Vice President, PFPC, Inc.)

Susan L. Weiss, M.Ed., CCRP

"I would like to take a moment to express my thanks for all your fine work. Over the years, you have provided clear and careful legal counsel for my company. As you know, some of the contracts I have received from my clients have not been very clear, or have had omissions that were essential to the nature of the work. I have appreciated your careful, prompt and thoughtful review of these complicated projects and your continued efforts to stay updated on changes in my field that might relate to my company's legal health."

- Susan L. Weiss, M.Ed., CCRP
Executive Director, Delaware Valley Research Associates, Inc.
(Conducts Clinical Trials)

Marvin Balistocky, M.D.

"I have used David Feldheim for my legal matters very successfully for many years. I was most impressed with his knowledge, thoroughness, and honesty. Only the true facts of the case are admissible in his presentations, a factor which undoubtedly contributes to the success of his skilled negotiations for his clients. He is resourceful and practical, as well as being business oriented. His frequent updates were most helpful in reducing the associated stresses which one encounters in these matters."

- Marvin Balistocky, M.D.

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